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Sunday, October 10, 2010

It worked this time!

Due to a family emergency and countless home improvement nightmares, I had to take a break from sewing.  Hopefully things have now calmed down and I am getting back into it.  I started my curtain project, while waiting to go try out my bench project.  I will post the curtains once I finish the bench.  I am happy to report round two of making the bench cover liner was a success.  The cover fit perfectly.  Now I can start cutting the top layer of fabric.  Goals this week, finish bench cover, finish curtains, and make a yoga mat bag for another client.

How bench looks without the cover.

The client wanted the cover to go over the front curved part of the bench and to stop at the ridge.  The top has a layer of batting for a little extra cushion.

The sides and back will fall just above the legs once the top layer is sewn to the bottom layer.

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