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Friday, September 17, 2010

Here We Go Again

I have, finally, started my chest cover project.  The cover consists of two parts.  The top layer and the under layer.  The top layer is made of a delicate prequilted decorator fabric.  It was very expensive.  The under layer is made out of simple broad cloth, with a thin piece of batting for extra cushion on the top of the chest.  I decided to make the under layer first.  See below for my progress.  Everything was moving along swimmingly, until I tested it out on the chest.  I decided to start my project as a break from the house projects, during my staycation.  Well, apparently that wasn't the best idea in the world.  I bit off a little more than I could chew.  I measured the chest wrong. I ended up being off a couple of inches.  Luckily, I thought to test out the under layer before cutting the top layer.  So I remeasured the chest as compared to what I had made and now I am back to the beginning.  Below is attempt #1 progress.  After I complete attempt #2, I will show you what it looks like on the chest.  I forgot my camera the first time. I guess that was destiny, since I had it wrong.

The hope chest. The cover will go over the top down the 2 sides and back to the floor.

Cutting out the pieces.

Here I have sewn on the four pieces and sewn batting to what will be the top.

I have now sewn the sides to the back piece.  Now it is starting to take shape!

The underlayer of the chest cover.  I laied it on a box to see what it would look like.  Where the front corners of the top piece meets the side pieces is a curve.  This is suppose to mimic the curve of the chest, had I gotten my measurements correct.  In attempt #2, you will hopefully be able to see the curved portion better.


Here We Go Again

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