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Thursday, August 26, 2010

It has been a while.

It has been a while since my last post. Life in the new house has been super busy. Still unpacking boxes.  Unfortunately, my craft stuff is the last to get unpacked because we need to build shelves in the closets.  With any luck, I will get shelves next week during my staycation.  I have managed to do a few house projects though. I put fancy shelf liner in all the cabinets in the kitchen and the linen closet.  That took pretty much an entire day because my rulers and markers were packed somewhere in a box.  I ordered blinds. Unfortunately, I am living exposed until Wednesday. My husband and I decided to have them installed so we could concentrate on other projects like my shelves. 

I did manage to get to the fabric store to order fabric to make curtains for the front door windows. I will be picking that up this weekend. I am super excited to start that project for 3 reasons. One, so I am not so exposed. Two, I have never sewn a lined curtain before. I am looking forward to the experience. And 3, hopefully it will keep Bloo from looking outside and barking at everything that moves.

I tried my hand at gardening one afternoon. I feel that my attempts maybe failing me.  My husband bought some herb plants.  He didn't plant them right away.  I probably waited too long.  I am trying to nurse them but there isn't enough sunlight in our yard to help my cause.  I think from now on my gardening will be limited to shade plants.

Other than that things are going pretty well in the new house. I have one custom order that I will be working on.  Pictures to come once I start.  It is a cover to a hope chest.  Stay tuned for pictures of my curtains.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Looking back and going forward

Today marks the last Saturday that my husband and I will be living in our condo.  We are upgrading to a single family home!  As I sit here, I can't help but look back on my time here.   Like all memories we had good ones and bad ones.  I think our best memory would be when we got Puppy Bloo. We got him when he was just 7 weeks old.  Now he is 3.  All his puppy pictures are from living in the condo.  Living in a small space my husband and I had to really work hard to coexist.  We made regular trips to the dump and the Salvation Army.  It seemed after every holiday we had to make room for the new stuff. 

Crafting in a small space with a husband and a puppy had its challenges.  I had to clear space in the living room so that I could cut out large fabric.  That was Bloo's favorite part of crafting, mom was on the floor.  He would pounce and try to get me to play.  When I wouldn't, then he would throw a temper tantrum and lay down on the fabric so I couldn't cut it.  Bloo wouldn't stop there. If I was cutting out fabric on the dining room table, he would be on the other side trying to pull the fabric away from me.  Let's just say I had quite a few cutting mistakes.  Luckily, he has calmed down as he has gotten older.  He now just lays under my feet when I sew or iron.

Then came the challenges of crafting in a small space with a husband.  My sewing station is in the bedroom.  If he is sleeping, then I can't sew.  If he is in the living room, then I can't cut.  I eventually adapted to a schedule.  As soon as I buy the fabric, I prewash the fabric.  Then, I store it in a bin until I am ready to use it.  Typically, Friday evenings I get out the fabric of choice for the upcoming week and have an ironing marathon.  Saturday mornings my husband likes to sleep in so I lose lots of hours where I can't sew or make noise.  So I grab my pile of fabric, scissors, marker, and ruler and head to the living room for a cutting marathon.  Usually by the time he has woken, I have everything cut out.  I then have the rest of the weekend and next week to sew, do house chores, and anything else that may come up.

I end today's post looking forward to the future. I can't help but wonder, what memories will we make in the new house.  What new crafting challenges will I encounter and what current challenges will be alleviated by having more space?  Will I have more, less, or the same amount of time to devote to sewing with the additional house chores?  Will I be inspired to pick up a new craft?  I guess time will tell.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Entering the world of Blogging

Tonight I cracked open a fortune cookie. It read; "It doesn't take much to be a success.  It takes everything."  My fortune couldn't be more true.  I am quickly learning that in order to be successful, it takes everything you've got. I have been thinking of ways to expand my sewing business.  What better way than a blog.  And so Simply Sewtastic is entering the world of Blogging!  Please be patient as I develop my skills.  I am not sure how this will progress or what I will discuss.  But I hope you will find it informative, inspirational, and an all around fun read.