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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

We're moving

Simply Sewtastic Blog is moving.  We created a website that contains a products page, photo gallery, and a blog.  Come check it out.  Also the Etsy site is still thriving.


See you there!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Front Door Curtains

When we moved into our new house, we had 1 big privacy issue, our front door.  We have 2 huge glass windows that give the neighbors a glimpse into our private lives.  Sewing project #1 in the new house was MAKE CURTAINS.  Below I will show you the steps and thought process I used to make privacy curtains.
Our front door.  You can see our obvious need.

I chose a light knit decorative fabric that would have flexibility when the door was swung open.  I went for long vertical lines to enhance the height of our ceiling.  I also chose a fabric with Earth tones.  I like Earth tones for their ability to match everything.  Since we don't have a lot of furniture and haven't chosen wall colors, Earth tones were a good neutral place to start decorating our new home.

On the back side of the fabric I added a liner.  I chose Roc-Ion Thermalsuede.  I chose this because it blacks out light and shadows coming from inside our house.  In addition, it provides an insulation barrier to the windows.  Combining these two fabrics still allows light to come in.  You just can't see us from the outside.

After measuring the window and cutting the striped fabric, I cut the liner.  I cut it slightly smaller than the striped fabric.  This allowed me to hem the stripped fabric to the liner for a clean look.  I hemmed and sewed down both of the long sides.

Next, I had to determine the exact length of the curtain that I wanted.   I folded over the top and bottom of the curtain to allow space for a curtain rod.

I gave them 1 more look over while my husband installed the curtain rods.

Voila!! Curtains in a day.

My neighbors no longer get to see me in a robe.

And in no time, Bloo managed to find a way to still look out the window.  We have since taken out the bottom rod so he won't break it.  The curtain hangs free flowing.  Luckily, it provides the same amount of privacy with or without the rod.

Bench Cover Encore

Here are a few pictures of the runner that I made to go along with the bench cover.  As you can see from my not so photogenic pictures, the runner is a huge diamond shape.  I was able to use the same lining fabric for the underneath and the same bias tape for the edging.  I unfortunately don't have a picture of it in the clients home.  Hopefully, at some point I will get one.