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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It's finished!!

It has been a while since I posted.  Owning a house is proving to be lots of work.  Since my last post, we have dealt with multiple leaks that needed immediate repairs.  I also have been busy preparing for 2 craft shows.  And now I am trying to Deck the Halls of my new home.  I will post those pictures soon.  Most importantly I am happy to report, I have completed the bench cover project.  It turned out fantastic!  My client loved it so much I am making a table runner and decorative pillow out of the left over fabric.  Here are the pictures of the rest of my progress.
This is the fabric.
My display of how it will look as I work on it.

A perfect Fit! 

Now for the trim.

Kitty, please be nice to my cover.

I used a matching color basting tape for the trim.  It will protect the edges from wear and tear.

The table runner is a diamond shape.  It will make more sense on the client's table.

I used the same under lining on the runner as I did on the bench cover. 
I had to piece fabric together as I didn't have a big piece of the lining fabric left.
I used the same binding as on the bench cover. 
Stay tuned for the grand finale.
I can't wait to see the entire set in her house. 
It is going to look so elegant.
Last step the pillow. 

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